Troy Lancaster is running this version 2 of the Thug Life setting! Staying true to the only part that mattered for the original flavor, there will be no frills, no special abilities, high challenge, short scenarios that can be run in a couple hours. The point is still the same – Crow Alley gangs are a way out. Get connected, be useful, thug a few folks, rob a few, get drunk, get laid, and improve your fashion (ho’s and clothes baby!) and weapons. Short, sweet and direct. Get Rich baby!

I will Troy post any comments about what he wants. Personally i am going to be using a flat out Best Practice character with a test of “natural acrobat” – it aint combat stuff, its not cracked, and my character has no bonuses anyway.

Session CP and AP gains will be tracked here:

Troy/GM: I will also be playing a Best Practice character [ Twitch]. CP= 20 + CHA and, any Negative Traits. Like Kelly, I will use any negative trait you take but, I will also try to utilize any positive one’s as well. I may award CP for good character origins and, original concepts/weapon style/use etc.

Speaking of: Berger; + 1CP for Rope and Chain angle on Raban.

As for the rest of you, make your characters, remember these guys are young, poor, and I think my highest skill is a 3. If you have something a little out of the box you want to try? run it by me and, I’ll let you know. Thug Life is about having fun, little restrictions on what you do but, if it kills you…then your dead. I have some short story ideas as a base but, a lot will be whatever you guys decide to do. All I can promise is that it will be messed up, fun the way Thug Life is meant to be. Welcome to Thug Life II Baby…it’s time to Get Rich or Die Tryin’!!!


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