The Muscle Baby/A staight up Brawler and, thug.


Aptitude: Kinetic 5
short black hair, brown eyes, right handed, tanned skin, 185 lbs, 5’11", Age: 15

Scars: Slug’s body is covered with scars all over his body, mostly from the time he suffered extreme amounts of torture for not snitching after witnessing a crime. He still bears a deep, harsh facial scar on the right side of his face from forehead to chin.

Mannerisms: Slug never smiles and has a cold hearted, intimidating, steele eyed gaze all the time…as if seeing something else but, always alert. He looks right through people as he walks past them in the crowded streets and, markets. It’s as though he’s searching for something or, someone all the time? He’s never affaid, he never shows any signs of fear from anyone or, anything. He always protects his crew and, he’ll never rat on anyone…he’s no snitch and, everyone in Crow Alley knows it!

Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Perception: 4
Reactions: 4
Reason: 3
Sanity: 3
Strength: 6
Vigor: 4
Size: 10

CON: 5

FAMILIARITIES: Improvised [ Air Mail/Furniture], Clubs, knives, Unarmed [Brace Knuckles]

TACTICS: Always strike first, with advantage or, by surprise. Never show your enemies hesitation, fear or mercy. Always take the biggest threat down fast and hard to intimidate all other enemies, make them fear you! Carve them up, leave your mark so, they know it was you who Slugged them when they wake up…if they’re lucky enough to wake up all?

Good Luck, Toughness: 1 [ + 5/Res], Urban Experience, Steeled Reserve: Negates any SAN penalties up to -1 CS due to extreme exposure to variety of conditions. A resistance check against fear is always allowed – even if prohibited by effects. If normally allowed, they are resisted at +1 CS, Iron Will 1, Compulsions: Fearless, Cold-hearted [no mercy to enemies].

Camoflauge 1, Climb 1 + 1, Jump 1 + 1, Stealth 1, Melee 2 + 1, Grapple 1 + 1, Soak 1, Fend 1, Evade 1, Propel 1 [Thrown], Persuade 1 [Intimidation + 1], Language: Gladnorean 4, Running 1, Lore: Ados 2 [Familiarity: Crow alley + 1CS], Streewise 1 [ + 1 Ados/Crow Alley], Gamimg 1


EC = [30/Unencumbered]

Silver Value =
Adornments: none
Armor: [worn] none
Shield: [carried] none
Weapons: [carried] Brass-Knuckles, Dagger, Boot knife in sheath, 1m knotted rope on wrists, Air-mail in pouch
Worn: [usual] pants, shirt, boots, belt, pouch
Carried: [usual]
Mounts(s): none


Billy Ciub: [ 3AM/ 6dmg./ + 2CS Ease]
Boot Knife: [Hidden/PER check to find if searched] ( 2AM/ 3dmg./ + 2CS Ease)
Brass Knuckles: [R/L= 2] [ 2AM/ 5 dmg./Real dmg]
Wrist Wraps: [1m Knotted Rope on Forearms] (2 AM/2 Dmg base + 4 fatigue total each hit vs. unarmored] cannot be disarmed or dropped)
Air-Mail: Small [ 6] (2AM/ 6dmg), Large [ 4] (3AM/ 8dmg)



Slug was abandoned as an infant in Crow Alley of Ados. No one remembers his family or, where he came from, only that he was left on the fountian at the towns center in the streets. After a very long period of time, he was taken to the local healing woman’s tent to care for and, to raise him. He was orphaned, had no family of his own that anyone knew of and, no one had an idea how he ended up in Crow Alley. He grew up hard and fast. Always playing in the streets and, on the roof tops with some other local kids from the alley. He was largely ingonred where he lived. He found other ways of entertaining himself though by turning to the crimial elements by doing petty errands or, running messages for the local gangs in the alley. He and his friends worked the streets too by distracting passers by so that the more experienced kids could boost whatever schwagg they could from their marks. They fought together, stole together, drank together…for a kid of the streets, being part of a crew was as close as anything to an actual family. He got the name Slug from friends, both for how hard he punched when they fought and, because he was a little slow. Not stupid, just not that quick…Slug didn’t mind the name besides, he knew he could take them in a brawl. They all had nick-names, Slug’s had his for so long, he doesn’t even remember the name the healing ladies gave him as a child. While on the roof tops one night, Slug witnessed a murder of several gang members at the hands of one man. He got a good look at his face and, recognized him. He was the leader of a crew that was making a pretty big moves and building a solid reputation for itself in Crow Alley. Slug watched as he boosted something from one of the bodies, a package of somekind? and, then as he disappear back into the shadows. He stayed on the roof for some time to make sure the coast was clear. He needed to get out of there before people started to pay attention to the mans handy work so, he decided to get out of there fast. He was spotted as he climbed down by some of the same type of gang members that had been killed earlier. They started to question him forcefully about what happened to the other gang members and, making a bit of noise in the street. Slug wasn’t talking so, they took him to a safe house of theirs that was close by to see if they could make him talk. Slug stubbornly refused to say anything at all and, his silence caused him much suffering, from the beatings and, tourture they put him through but, still he gave them nothing. They left Slug’s body in a back alley covered with filth and all manner of scars over his entire body from the extreme beatings he had recieved. All this for not snitching on one of the other rival gang members after witnessing a crime. They wanted whoever it was that killed their guys and, whatever he had taken from them? To this day, he still bares the deep, harsh facial scar on the right side of his face, forehead to chin, from their brutal beating. He had taken many while in their captivity. The rivial crew leader, the guy he covered for, heard of the punishment Slug was forced to endure. He overheard one of the gangs conversations in a tavern about what they had done to the kid. He came to see Slug in the healing womans tent one night to judge for himself Slugs character and, intentions. He offered to pay to have the scars healed for what had happened and, for covering for him. Slug chose not too. He refused all attempts at healing him as a symbol and, an aweful reminder to all others that see him, of what he had done. It’s also a warning to all others in Crow Alley, that he will not show mercy to his enemies nor, will he snitch…he’d rather die then be known as a rat! It’s Thug Life, Get Rich or Die trying and in Crow Alley, it’s all about reputation.


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